• Exceptional Leadership Enhance, Evolve, Accelerate

    Hear critical feedback, eliminate blind spots, leverage strengths. C-Suite executives need an advisor with perspective and leadership strategy.

  • High Performing Teams Maximize Team Effectiveness

    Alignment, commitment, action, collaboration. Are your people doing their best work together?

  • Leaders, Directors, Boards Navigate and Grow

    Can you take the company where you want to go? Beginning to think about your next life phase? An unbiased advisor for strategic issues makes a difference.

About Us

  • Leaders We enhance and develop senior leadership capabilities, attributes, strengths and behaviors. Read More
  • Teams We facilitate and drive high- performance teamwork through group facilitation, peer learning and team coaching. Read More
  • Advisory Designed to counsel and support highest-level senior executives: sitting CEO’s, transitional CEO’s, Boards of Directors. Read More

our profile

Supporting the development of current leaders and nurturing the growth of future leaders is not only a competitive advantage, but an organizational necessity. As a former CEO and senior executive, my approach to coaching and leadership development is business-oriented, real-world, and focused on creating positive change.

Our model of deep engagement includes collection and candid delivery of direct feedback, a cadence of sessions that drives visible change, and clear direction toward results important to both client and organization.

Our range of solutions, from coaching high-potential leaders and CEO's to Board-level advisory, reflects my personal experience leading companies as well as my years coaching and advising the most senior executives in a wide variety of industries.