Pod Coaching is a unique form of executive coaching designed to leverage peer learning in a small group environment. Typically comprised of three to five high-potential managers, each pod focuses on developing leadership skills in a concentrated way over a six-month period. Combined with individual coaching sessions, this model utilizes real-life situations to produce accelerated results.

During a Pod engagement, participants discuss/learn how to:

  • Improve their leadership communication
  • Set good leadership examples
  • Improve the team dynamic of their own groups
  • Use collaboration to improve problem-solving
  • Better manage conflict
  • Drive cultural change
  • Have high expectations
  • Develop an accountable organization

This coaching/learning model creates an exceptional sense of "team" among the group by allowing them to work in a safe environment where any topic or question can be discussed and debated. The resulting confidence and leadership skill-building that takes place has a long-lasting impact. As importantly, you have enhanced the value of these important future leaders to the organization; everyone benefits.